HBCU News is one of the top storytelling destinations in the world, and podcasts are a unique element of our ultimate mission in helping people understand the world. She Remembers/He Remembers series and Our Lives in Color have joined The HBCU News line-up, generating an unprecedented scale of premium audio content. The HBCU News network provides schools, corporations and brands a unique, unrivaled opportunity to align with the highest quality content, scale with the largest distribution to the most premium audiences, and achieve the greatest impact for your brand messaging.

Reach your target audience



of listeners are 30 years old and younger1



of listeners are 40 years old and younger1



of listeners have a bachelor's degree or higher1

Share your story in a HBCU News podcast.

There are a multitude of ways your creative can come to life in a HBCU News podcast.
BR Creative can help determine the best path forward for your brand.


Client provides up to 2 scripts


BR Creative provides scriptwriting assistance


BR Creative creates custom ad spots with sound design, music and premium voice talent


Copy is due 10-15 business days prior to the flight start date (exact date varies by month). For :30 ads, word count should not exceed 90 words. We cannot guarantee the inclusion of any ad copy changes submitted after the copy deadline. Sponsors will receive an aircheck before the air date.

Two (2) script recordings are included in each podcast package. Please send ad copy to your HBCU News client lead in PDF, Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format. Copy should be structured as a verbatim script, not as a list of desired talking points. Endorsements, Host Reads, Music and Ad Libs are not accepted. All ads must be recorded by BR Creative. Client-provided audio files will not be accepted.

Podcast Advertising Standards

HBCU News maintains the highest standard of journalism and advertising of any media publication in the world. Podcasts are a unique and specialized platform to reach our ultimate reader/listener audience. Therefore, the podcast department at HBCU News reviews all advertising creative to ensure consistently high standards so that advertisers and listeners benefit from our quality environment. We encourage advertisers to submit messages that are tasteful, easily understood, and are appropriate for the subject of the podcast.